Tome Dixon Lighting Designer – History


picture of tom dixonTom Dixon, the famous British designer was borne on May 21,1959 in Stax Tunisia.Due to his passion for design, he is currently the creative brains for his Tom Dixon brand majoring in customized lighting and furniture. For those looking to ad some style to their home or business Tom Dixon pendant lights can be bought online in either a replica or original version.

After moving to London in 1963, Tom joined The Chelsea school of arts were he studied arts and later dropped out.He got his recognition in 1980s after developing to be a self made designer furniture designer.By late 1980s, his talent and creativity was noted by the legendary Cappellini whom he worked for.During this period Tom designed an historic chair by the name ‘S’ chair.He later became a household name in 1990s where he was able to design outspoken products. for his first company Eurolouge which were symbolic. Later he was appointed the head of designing in 1998 by Habitat company where he and his team were tasked to bring back to life the habitat brand.In 2002,Tom established his own company in Portbello, London under the brand name ‘Tom Dixon’. The brand quickly gained its prominency in the lighting and furniture markets due to his power of special designing. In 2004, a Swedish based company prevents, collaborated with Tom’s company to come up with a Design Research,majorly focused in developing product and design.

tom-dixon-logoIn 2007, Tom Dixon initiated his own internal design studio by the name Design Research Studuio. He did many projects majorly high profile ones including the London based restaurant owned by Jamie Oliver, Barbecoa, The royal Academy web-edge-pendant-tom-dixonrestaurant in london, Shoreditch and many more. His stars continued to shine later in 2008 has he was appointed the creative director for Habitat company. He participated in several humanitarian projects mainly in Africa and helped in bringing up designs that brought together the young and old. Tom was viewed as a mentor to many upcoming designers.In 2012, Electric by Tom Dixon, a sister brand for Tom Dixon’ was launched that displays a collection of accessories at Maison et Object in Paris France annually.

In 2009, Tom exhibited his designs numerously in the Design Museum in London. His brand launched the first ever accessory line in 2012 in Paris France which to date is a big achievement with the products being sold in over 63 countries worldwide.Tom Dixon has been recognised widely for his achievements and contribution to the society at only 56 years of age. He hold a honorary Doctorate degree from Birmingham City University which he was awarded in 2004.In 2001, the queen recognised his efforts and awarded him the OBE award for his contribution towards upholding the British design and heritage. He was also awarded by the University of Arts in London for his prolific work.

Tom Dixon, designer, MAISON&OBJET, 2014 from MAISON&OBJET on Vimeo.

Tom Dixon brands agitated him to come up with more prolific designs such as the copper shades. In his early life Tom was able to design wall and bulb accessories e.g table lights, mirror ball, copper pendant lights, magma LED lights. During this period most of his work was highly motivated by prominent and prolific British designers. In terms of furniture, Tom designed an iconic ‘S’ chair when he was still working for his Italian designer Capellin. Also Tom was able to design other furniture in unique and excellent processes which propelled his work.Some of this furniture include outstanding chairs like scoop low copper legs,the ‘Y’ chairs, and reg chair black.Some of the mirrors include gem mirror,medium and long mirror. He was also able to construct tables like trace coffee table,gem low table and screw table.

tom-dixon-furniture-lightsFurthermore, Tom was able to design the Fresh fat bowl designed in 2003,mirror ball installation designed in museum tank,copper shade designed in 2005, ecoware table set designed in 2005,screen designed in 2002,a stocked jack light designed in 1997, a star light in 1997, a polyn chair designed in the year 1991and 1992, a salty chair in the year1998, crown chair in 1998 and a wire chair which he designed in 2005.Tom also designed an indoor light,a LED pedant lamp and E27V 110V/240V LED. Classic musical instruments was also part of his designed work.

To date Tom Dixon manages his enterprises which designs and sells furniture and lighting products. He is considered as one of the greatest designer in modern designing industry.His prolific work has gained excellent reputation from all over the world especially from other designers in the market.

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