Lately my pupils and I were seeing a documentary about the Olympic movement. At the grand opening service of the games, where Olympic Committee members and world leaders were meeting highest Olympians from all over the world, we detected a group of young individuals among the dignitaries. The question appeared: how did they manage to get there? Here is how world leaders went about it, and the way it is also possible to get involved in important local and international occasions…

Hunt for offering opportunities
There are a number of big occasions in the fast globalizing world formed by various localities – states, provinces and cities. World leaders are competing with each other for the right to sponsor occasions that are international for a lot of reasons – from sparking economic growth to city/nation branding to be able to bring investment, companies and tourists.

This subsequently provides excellent chances for pupils not to take part in offering opportunities that are more conventional, but in addition to be involved in the first phases of the groundwork of the official bid bundles together with the arranging committee teams.

As an example, a lot of my pupils in the MDP/Global Classroom program at Al Farabi Kazakh National University led to Almaty city’s bid. Almaty appeared jointly with an extremely powerful opponent – Beijing, the capital of China – as a finalist at the start of 2015 as well as the end of 2014. For Almaty, a city of about 1.6 million people (around 15 times smaller than Beijing), the youth contribution and cooperation has been quite welcome and significant in many manners. These young people’s participation ranged from doing history research on best practices to helping design reports; on Almaty city should host the Winter Olympics, from brainstorming creative suggestions to essay contests.

Seek out strategies to get involved
From my students’ expertise I understand that one of the challenges of becoming involved in local jobs that are big and exciting is the dearth of communicating and appropriate info.

It’s not that municipalities don’t require any help or that pupils don’t wish to be involved. The issue is that unlike huge national governments or international organizations that are substantial, local governments quite frequently don’t possess a huge funding for public relations or marketing future strategies and their jobs.

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