Do you have an apartment and wondering the best way to allow it to be cozy and tasteful for everybody who steps inside it? Here are suggestions on the best way to do it:

Use soft, lighter shades for rooms that are smaller

It is not unusual for little rooms to seem cramped when they’re not. In case your flat is not large you ought to paint it with soft, lighter colours which will allow it to be seem big in size. Along with the colours you also need to contemplate using mirrors which will provide the optical illusion of space.

In case your architect is designing a room that is tiny, you need to request him to contain big windows which will allow a lot of light into the room.

Go green

Plants are perfect with both little and big flats. In case your flat is not large, you ought to avoid plants which are too large. The great side with plants is that in addition to making your room comfortable they’re also affordable. They accessorize your space with the addition of texture and colour. Plants additionally help in removing dangerous gases and absorbing pollutants.

Play routines

Here you must combine patterns so as to make your space seem cozy and refined to dwell. This trick is perfect if your flat is not small.

You also need to use distinct colours. For instance, you may use brown for the flooring, green for the tables, crimson for the seats and white for the walls. For perfect results you need to use large swaths of colour that is solid to anchor the space. For instance, you may use seats that are reddish to anchor the space.

Accessorize the room

There are several things which you can use to accessorize the house. For instance, you may use wicker baskets. Besides accessorizing your space, the baskets additionally function as storage spaces for magazines, novels and toys.

You need to set several baskets on the chimney. Plates can additionally hung on the walls to produce a great wall artwork.

Combine your furniture

It is good to combine your modern furniture with classic furniture while you might need to seem quite contemporary. This won’t only make you seem fashionable, but additionally, it will provide your house an appearance that is cozy.


All these are suggestions on the best way to make your living space seem cozy. If you’re intending of building a house you should keep in mind an architect plays a leading part in commanding the character of your residence; before he designs the house, thus, you always need to tell him your thoughts.

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